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‘With this book your child will learn already some English words!’



‘This bilingual book is easy to read and the illustrations are playful and colorful’


Welcome to Jungle the Bungle. Jungle the Bungle offers illustrated children’s books in multiple languages for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. Scientific research shows that young children between 0-6 years have a special ability to learn languages very easily. That’s why more and more primary schools already start learning a second language, such as English or Spanish in the first grade.
Jungle the Bungle wants to help children by introducing a second language to them in a fun way. Therefore we offer educational children’s books full of adventures about the inhabitants of Jungle the Bungle. Where children can learn about the wonderful world of animals, topography and languages. Each animal has its own character traits that children can identify with. Are you ready to meet all of our animal friends from Jungle the Bungle?


Eetfeest – Dinnerparty – Cena de fiesta (Dutch, English, Spanish)

Teach your toddler about different languages, colors, numbers and animals with this amazing trilingual booklet! It’s party time in Jungle the bungle, and you are invited as well! Which animal takes what to the dinner party deep inside the jungle? Count to ten together, learn to recognize colors and animals, and take the dinnerparty to an end with an interactive game for our little readers. All this in three languages, Dutch, English and Spanish! By reading this children's book in several languages together, you stimulate unconsciously the language development of your child in a very playful way, how nice is that!

Avontuur van de Zwaartekracht – An Adventure Called Gravity (Dutch, English)

Within this exciting, bilingual reading booklet, our animals discover accidentally how gravity works and they love to show you this in a very simple way! The inhabitants of Jungle the Bungle end up in an exciting adventure where they discover how gravity works. After reading, you can simply test the power of gravity with your children at home. Let’s see what creative ideas your kids come up with. Make the story even more exciting by reading it in English together!


Our opinion? Every child in this world deserves to have fun and be well educated. This is one of the pillars where Jungle the Bungle stands for. That’s why we give one of our books to an underprivileged child with every sold product. So with your purchase you do not only please your own child, but automatically another child as well!


You can easily buy our children's book at, Ako, ECI, Bruna and they can be ordered at any bookstore.


Carolina Bongers

Hi, I am the founder of this multilingual concept. Thank you for taking a look at the site of Jungle the Bungle. I was raised bilingual, and since I spoke Dutch and Spanish at a young age, I have a lot of affinity with languages. I noticed that (especially very) young children absorb languages and knowledge effortlessly. That’s where the idea for the multilingual books of Jungle the Bungle came from. As a young mother of twins, I saw that there were not many fun books that playfully respond to the language development of children. Most parents already know that reading aloud is good for children. And there are more and more studies showing that very young children learn new languages ​​very easily. After the age of 10, the ability to learn languages ​​from the inside out decreases somewhat. And after the age of 15 it has actually disappeared and you have to make a lot of effort to master a new language.

Amber Stam

Hey, I’m Amber and I am also part of Jungle the Bungle. What I love about this concept is that it really has a purpose: to contribute to the language development of young children. And just as important: Jungle the Bungle is most off all very FUN! We believe that intrinsic motivation to do something, is the best motivation. Learning should be fun!
Incidentally, it offers so many possibilities to speak several languages. The younger you are, the easier it will be. I always had a passion for traveling and different cultures, and therefore also with languages. In addition, I think children are such a nice target group because they are full of fantasy and have a large imaginary world. We have the plan to do many more great extensions which will mean even more fun for young children. So keep an eye on the website!